Local Food

Here at Local Food Manitoulin, fresh, sustainable food is our passion, and it's what we want to share with families and communities on Manitoulin Island and beyond. We've developed programs and initiatives designed to connect people with food (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) with zero footprint in mind. 


make fresh, local food easier to find, grow and afford for those who need it. Click the "Programs" link below to learn more about our initiatives. A big part of fresh, sustainable local food is what happens in the garden. That's why we're dedicated to helping and encouraging families and communities to grow more food, and teaching them to do it well. Learn more about our community gardening efforts at the link below. Understanding seeds and the entire growth process is vital to understanding fresh food, and how to produce and harvest it. Learn more at our "From Seed to Table" section below. Hunting and fishing are longstanding traditional ways of harvesting wild foods. Check out our "Hunting and Fishing" and "Wild Edibles" sections for some of the wild food options and traditions here on Manitoulin. If you're wondering where to find local food on the island, our local food map is the best place to start looking.


Food Access Initiatives 

Forest Field & Freshwater