Harvest to Share Initiative


The Harvest to Share initiative unites community hunters, community harvesters, health professionals, and community health representatives across the Manitoulin district to enhance access to indigenous/traditional/land and water-based food sources. Harvest to Share is built to be reflective of the tradition of sharing the gifts of the harvest with the collective mindset that has shaped and sustained the Indigenous Peoples for years. The initiative relies on community connections to build awareness and interest in contributing to Harvest to Share. Contributions include a range of indigenous foods to the Manitoulin district these include: moose, venison, fish, berries, and other gathered foods. The food can be requested for community gatherings, ceremonies, workshops, and households. Referrals can be obtained from the Indigenous Foods Coordinator or from Noojmowin-Teg’s health professionals.


Interested in Sharing?


Harvest to Share welcomes members of the Manitoulin district to. Harvest to Share honours the reciprocal relationship to our non-human kin by ensuring that each contribution is harvested respectfully. Harvest to Share covers the expense of harvesting the animal from a licenced butcher if at least a 1/3rd of the donation is given back to Harvest to Share.


Guidelines and Recruitment Process

Hunters will be referred to as “Contributors”. Contributors will:

  • Be responsible for providing potential hunting dates at least 1 day in advance
  • Sign a Waiver Form (available at the Noojmowin-Teg Health Centre or online?) prior to potential hunting dates
  • Have 2 weeks to harvest an animal
  • One harvested animal per contributor
  • Be given two weeks to harvest; if unable to harvest an animal, contributors can resubmit additional hunting dates.
  • Will be responsible for providing notice before transporting wild game to licensed butcher
  • Will be responsible for their own portion pick-up
  • Noojmowin-Teg Health Centre is responsible for its portion pick-up and payment of the bill

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